FY22 Community Funding Projects Secured

Commerce, Justice, Science

Project Name: Baltimore City 9-1-1 Diversion Pilot Program
Project location: Baltimore City, MD
Applicant: City of Baltimore
Amount requested: $2,000,000
Description: Funds will be used to expand the City's new 9-1-1 pilot program that refers low-risk calls to behavioral health crisis response assistance instead of police responses, in line with Senator Van Hollen's Community Based Response Act. The City will increase the number of crisis service providers and community partners and add mobile crisis teams.

Project Name: Bringing Back the Bay: Reimagining the National Aquarium's Waterfront Campus
Project location: Baltimore City, MD
Applicant: The National Aquarium, Inc.
Amount requested: $332,000
Description: Funds will be used to develop the Aquarium's new Waterfront Campus and provide a living laboratory with outdoor classrooms and public wetland access. This project will provide STEM learning opportunities for students and a platform for the Aquarium's research while also contributing to the health of the Inner Harbor by increasing urban wetlands.

Project Name: Center for Hope Violence Cessation Program
Project location: Baltimore City, MD
Applicant: LifeBridge Health
Amount requested: $600,000
Description: Funds will be used to expand programming in Baltimore for violence interruption, crisis assistance, legal services, shelter for domestic violence survivors, support for victims of crime, and workforce training in order to disrupt the cycle of violence and support children and families in Baltimore City.

Project Name: Charles County Body Worn Camera Project
Project location: La Plata, MD
Applicant: Charles County
Amount requested: $610,000
Description: Funds will be used to implement a Body Worn Camera program and outfit 215 officers with cameras. 

Project Name: Frederick Police Mobile Crisis Team Support
Project location: Frederick, MD
Applicant: City of Frederick
Amount requested: $125,000
Description: Funds will be used to implement a Mobile Crisis Team, in coordination with community partners and mental health professionals, to respond to individuals in crisis and ensure that they receive follow-up assistance. Integration of mental health services in emergency response is a key part of Senator Van Hollen's Community Based Response Act.

Project Name: Hyattsville Evidence Lab Equipment
Project location: Hyattsville, MD
Applicant: City of Hyattsville, Maryland
Amount requested: $100,000
Description: Funds will be used to purchase equipment to process crime scene evidence more efficiently.

Project Name: Laboratory for Hydroponics Research
Project location: Bowie, MD
Applicant: Bowie State University
Amount requested: $1,000,000
Description: Funds will be used to develop a Laboratory for Hydroponics and Aquaponics Research and position Bowie State students and researchers at the forefront of research in plant biology, agriculture, and sustainable space exploration.

Project Name: Laurel Police and City Government Radios
Project location: Laurel, MD
Applicant: City of Laurel, Maryland
Amount requested: $200,000
Description: Funds will be used to replace a 14-year-old radio system with a new digital system to connect the Police Department and all City government departments, increasing public safety and ensuring more timely responses to constituent service requests. 

Project Name: Maryland Violence Prevention Coalition
Project location: Baltimore City, MD
Applicant: Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence
Amount requested: $367,000
Description: Funds will be used to expand the Maryland Violence Prevention Coalition's work, including assisting community-based organizations with Violence Intervention and Prevention Programs in building and sustaining their local work. The programs are intended to reduce violence and provide support services to survivors.

Project Name: South Baltimore Peacemaking Project Pilot
Project location: Baltimore City, MD
Applicant: Roca Baltimore, LLC
Amount requested: $400,000
Description: Funds will be used to provide transitional employment, mediation, and family assistance to connect young men at risk of violence to opportunities for sustained employment.

Project Name: Stop the Bleed Program
Project location: Pikesville, MD
Applicant: State of Maryland
Amount requested: $150,000
Description: Funds will provide first responders with state-of-the-art equipment to support training in life-saving techniques in response to trauma situations and natural disasters.

Project Name: Wicomico County Body Worn Camera System
Project location: Salisbury, MD
Applicant: Wicomico County
Amount requested: $116,000
Description: Funds will be used to deploy Body Worn Cameras to all sworn deputies of the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office

FY22 CJS Financial Certification Letter

Energy and Water

Applicant: US Army Corps of Engineers
Location: Baltimore City, MD
Project Name: Morgan State University Stadium Way Slope Stabilization
Amount: $50,000
Description: Funds will be used on an Army Corps of Engineers project to stabilize and rebuild Stadium Way at Morgan State University, which is sinking as the hillside along Herring Run Stream erodes. Stadium Way is a major University thoroughfare and the project requires federal funds due to the impact on the stream.

FY22 Energy and Water Financial Certification Letter

Financial Services, General Government

Project Name: Baltimore Small Business Technical Assistance Network InfrastructureSupport
Project location: Baltimore City
Applicant: Baltimore Development Corporation
Amount requested: $1,700,000
Description: These funds will be used to provide technical assistance and support small businesses and community-based organizations in Baltimore City in order to obtain access to capital and sustain their operations.

Project Name: Loyola University Maryland: York Road Initiative
Project location: Baltimore City
Applicant: Loyola University-Maryland
Amount requested: $675,000
Description: Funding will be used for continued development of the York Road corridor, including building small business capacity and hiring local residents to manage the business corridor, expand healthy food access programming, and work on infrastructure and capital projects to strengthen the commercial district.

Project Name: Mary Harvin Center Southern Bridge Workforce Center
Project location: Baltimore City
Applicant: Mary Harvin Transformation Center
Amount requested: $1,000,000
Description: Funds will be used to develop a Workforce Development and Career Center in order to provide workforce training and support forthose seeking employment in East Baltimore.

Project Name: Permanent Exhibition and Memorial on the History of Lynching inMaryland 
Project location: Baltimore City
Applicant: Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American Historyand Culture
Amount requested: $650,000
Description: These funds will be used to build on the work of the Maryland Lynching Truth and Reconciliation Commission and construct a permanent exhibitand memorial to both educate about these extra judicial vigilante killings and honor the memories of those whose lives were taken. 

Project Name: Small Business Development - Increasing Access to GovernmentContracts
Project location: Prince George's County
Applicant: People for Change Coalition
Amount requested: $350,000
Description: These funds will be used to provide workshop training, online resources, coaching, business partnerships, and hands-on activities to help small businesses navigate opportunities through local, state and federal government procurement and contracting processes.

Project Name: Supporting Growth of Maryland's Technology and Life SciencesBusinesses
Project location: Frederick, MD (Statewide)
Applicant: Maryland Tech Council 
Amount requested: $2,450,000
Description: These funds will be used to support, promote, and educate small Maryland technology and life sciences companies as they expand to attract international investment and strategic partnerships and grow their business in Maryland.

Project Name: University of Maryland, College Park- Maryland Economic OpportunityCenter
Project location: Prince George's County (Headquarters)
Applicant: University of Maryland, College Park
Amount requested: $2,250,000
Description: These funds will be used to support the Center's work as acentral hub helping to start, grow, and sustain small businesses from underserved communities across the state.

Project Name: University of Maryland Eastern Shore Historical DigitalizationProject
Project location: Princess Anne, Maryland
Applicant: University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Amount requested: $500,000
Description: These funds will be used to digitize historical documents that pertain to the State of Maryland, the Eastern Shore, and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to make these educational resources more accessible to Marylanders and the academic community.

 FY22 FSGG Financial Certification Letter

Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development

Project Name: Baltimore Healthy Housing to Advance Health and Racial EquityProject
Project location: Baltimore, MD
Applicant: Green and Healthy Homes Initiative
Amount requested: $1,000,000
Description: Funds will be used to improve housing conditions for low-income families with children and seniors in East Baltimore through leadhazard control, asthma trigger reduction, and energy efficiency/weatherization.The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative will hire, train, and accredit up to 12 community residents to perform the work.

Project Name: Baltimore Penn Station Multi-Modal Access Project
Project location: Baltimore, MD
Applicant: Maryland Department of Transportation
Amount requested: $5,000,000
Description: Funds will be used for sweeping renovations to Baltimore Penn Station in order to improve transportation for residents and visitors. Updates will provide for dedicated bus lanes, new pick up and drop off zones, bike lanes and storage, public plazas and green spaces, and kiosks to provide transit riders with information about community and multimodal connections.

Project Name: Bethesda Metro South Entrance
Project location: Bethesda, MD
Applicant: Montgomery County Department of Transportation 
Amount requested: $2,000,000
Description: Funds will be used for a new Bethesda South Metro Access thatwill provide access from Elm Street west of Wisconsin Avenue to the southern end of the Bethesda Metrorail Station. The station will provide connection to the Purple Line via the Bethesda Light Rail Transition station platforms just west of Wisconsin Avenue, helping to integrate the Purple Line with the WMATA Metrorail system.

Project Name: Building Maintenance for Greensboro Judy Center Early Learning Hub Facility
Project location: Greensboro, MD
Applicant: Caroline County Public Schools
Amount requested: $500,000
Description: Funds will be used for building maintenance of the Greensboro Judy Center Early Learning Hub on the Greensboro Elementary School campus. The Early Learning Hub will provide full-day/full-year quality child care and services for parents in the community.
FY23 Technical Corrections Request

Project Name: Cecil County Belvidere Road Expansion
Project location: Cecil County, MD
Applicant: Cecil County Government
Amount requested: $500,000
Description: Funds will be used for planning and engineering of the expansion of Belvidere Road as part of the approved new Interstate 95 interchange, improving local traffic and commuting.

Project Name: Charles-PG Southern Maryland Rapid Transit (SMRT)
Project location: White Plains, MD
Applicant: Charles County
Amount requested: $5,000,000
Description: Funds will be used for the planning, design, engineering, and environmental review process for the development of a 19-mile fixed-route, high-capacity transit service from the Branch Avenue Metrorail Station in Camp Springs to Waldorf/White Plains. The transit corridor would help alleviate traffic between Washington D.C. and Charles County and serve as a catalyst for economic and job growth. It is a top priority for Charles County.

Project Name: Dual Locomotives for Commuter Rail Service in the Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel
Project location: Baltimore, MD
Applicant: Maryland Department of Transportation 
Amount requested: $1,000,000
Description: Funds will be used to purchase up to 12 dual mode electric/diesel locomotives to operate in the new B&P tunnel once its construction is complete. The upgraded locomotives will allow for increased train speeds, more fleet capacity and flexibility, reduced emissions, and improved service reliability, including new and express trips.

Project Name: Frederick East Street Rails with Trails: Liberty Road BridgeCrossing
Project location: Frederick, MD
Applicant: City of Frederick
Amount requested: $535,000
Description: Funds will be used for the final design and construction of abridge to carry the East Street shared-use pathway over Liberty Road/MD 26. The East Street Trails with Trails Shared-Use Pathway will provide access from the East Street MARC station to Mill Island, enhancing transit options in East Frederick.

Project Name: Garrett Trails
Project location: Garrett County, MD
Applicant: Garrett County
Amount requested: $975,000
Description: Funds will be used to help complete the Meadow Mountain Trail, which is the portion of the Eastern Continental Divide Loop plan that runs from Deep Creek State Park to Grantsville. The project will provide safe paths through public land and increase tourism to Garrett County.

Project Name: Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Inc., Outdoor Programs
Project location: Annapolis, MD
Applicant: Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, Inc.
Amount requested: $500,000
Description: Funds will be used to renovate Girl Scouts Camp Woodlands inAnnapolis to expand access for underserved families and individuals with disabilities while also upgrading storm-water management to protect the shoreline in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Applicant: The Good Stuff
Location: Cambridge, MD
Project Name: Packing House- 411 Kitchen
Amount: $1,400,000
Description: Funds will be used to build out a shared-use commercial kitchen to provide job training, technical assistance, and access to equipment for small businesses at the center of the revitalization of the Historic Pine Street Neighborhood in Cambridge.
FY23 Technical Corrections Request

Project Name: Helping the Immigrant Youth of Maryland Succeed
Project location: Montgomery County, MD
Applicant: Liberty's Promise
Amount requested: $435,000
Description: Funds will be used to expand programs at schools in Baltimore City and Baltimore, Montgomery, and Prince George's Counties that provide civics education and internship opportunities for low-income immigrant youth, including English Language Learners. 

Project Name: Kingdom Cares Center
Project location: Beltsville, MD
Applicant: Kingdom Global Community Development Corporation
Amount requested: $2,000,000
Description: Funds will be used on the initial phase renovation of the Kingdom Cares Center, which will serve as a hub for food assistance, rental andutilities assistance, health support, and workforce development for communities in Prince George's, Montgomery, and Howard Counties. 

Project Name: MD 4 Corridor and Thomas Johnson Bridge Capacity ImprovementsProject
Project location: Solomons, MD
Applicant: Maryland Department of Transportation
Amount requested: $1,000,000
Description: Funds will be used to continue the design of St. Mary's County's top priority transportation project, which includes widening sections of MD 4 and replacing the functionally obsolete MD 4 Thomas Johnson Bridge. The completed project will improve safety and capacity for commuters in an increasingly congested corridor, and ensure access to Naval Air Station Patuxent River.

Project Name: P.S. 103 Thurgood Marshall Center
Project location: Baltimore, MD
Applicant: Beloved Community Services Corporation
Amount requested: $1,000,000
Description: Funds will be used to restore the Henry Highland Garnet School P.S. 103, where Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall attended school while growing up in Baltimore in 1914. The project will redevelop the school into a community resource center while preserving its historic character and paying tribute to the civil rights legacy of the site.

Project Name: Patuxent Commons
Project location: Columbia, MD
Applicant: Mission First Housing Development Corporation
Amount requested: $500,000
Description: Funds will be used to build and equip a mixed-income,intergenerational 76-unit apartment complex with 25% of units set-aside foradults with disabilities. Construction will generate 150 direct and 140 indirect jobs and the completed complex will provide space for adults with disabilities to live independent lives.

Project Name: Reconstruction of MD 97 at Montgomery Hills
Project location: Silver Spring, MD
Applicant: Maryland Department of Transportation
Amount requested: $1,000,000
Description: Funds will allow for improved design of north and southbound MD 97 in the areas of Forest Gelen, Montgomery Hills, and Woodside Park, increasing safety for all drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists, while improving traffic flow.

Project Name: Revitalization of Pennsylvania Avenue Market: Creating a Community Hub of Healthy Food Living
Project location: Baltimore,MD
Applicant: Cityof Baltimore
Amount requested: $2,000,000
Description: Funds will be used by the Baltimore Public Markets Corporation and City Dibs to revitalize the Avenue Market in Upton to provide healthy food access, sustainfarmers and farms across the metro area, and help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and provide more jobs.

Project Name: Route 218 Suitland Road Improvements
Project location: Suitland, MD
Applicant: RedevelopmentAuthority of Prince George's County
Amount requested:$2,500,000
Description: Funds will be used for the reconstruction of Suitland Road from Silver Hill Road to Lacy Avenue at the Suitland Federal Center and the Town Square at Suitland Federal Center, providing safe pedestrian crossing points, wide sidewalks, bikelanes, landscaping, and lighting to improve traffic control and pedestrian access to retail and restaurant amendities in the redeveloped Town Square.

Project Name: Russell and Monroe Street Ramp Bridge Replacements
Project location: Baltimore,MD
Applicant:City of Baltimore
Amount requested: $1,000,000
Description: Funds will be used to accelerate the removal and replacement of two deteriorating bridges that cross CSX rails, lead into the city, and serve as "throughtruck routes" to carry goods to and from the Carroll Camden Industrial Area and the Port of Baltimore. These bridges are a critical southerngateway into Baltimore City and important transportation nodes for the City's growing entertainment district.

Project Name: Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport Runway Extension
Project location: Wicomico County, MD
Applicant: Wicomico County
Amount requested: $500,000
Description: Funds will be used to extend a runway and taxi way to meet the needs of the local air carrier, secure air service and airline jobs in the region, and support future demand and growth of the airport. The FAA has approved the runway extension on the Airport Layout Plan.

FY22 THUD Financial Certification Letter

Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies

Project Name: Anacostia Watershed Society Treating & Teaching Program
Project location: Prince George's County, MD
Applicant: Anacostia Watershed Society
Amount requested: $200,000
Description: Funds will be used to install stormwater management projectson Prince George's County Public School campuses with associated outdoorclassroom facilities, allowing for environmental education opportunities while simultaneously reducing runoff to the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.

Project Name: Baltimore Ecosystem Study
Project location: Baltimore County, MD
Applicant: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Amount requested: $500,000
Description: Funds will be used to continue the long-term Baltimore Ecosystem Study, which compiles data on watershed, ecology, and sociological issues related to the environment across the Baltimore region. This data supports educational and community-based activities and is used by the UMBC's graduate program in Geography and Environmental Systems. 

Project Name: Boonsboro Drinking Water Reservoir Replacement
Project location: Boonsboro, MD
Applicant: Town of Boonsboro, MD
Amount requested: $1,000,000
Description: Funds will be used to support the replacement of a 1.3 million gallon Drinking Water Reservoir that was built in 1954 and currently leaks approximately 15,000- 25,000 gallons a day. If the sidewalls and levees of the existing reservoir were to fail, it would lead to catastrophic flooding and disruption in water service.

Project Name: C&O Canal National Historical Park
Project location: Hagerstown, MD
Applicant: National Park Service
Amount requested: $125,000
Description: Funds will be used to purchase of 44 acres to expand the C&O Canal National Historical Park. This is currently an unfunded priority for the Land and Water Convservation Fund.

Project Name: Cecil County New Wastewater Infrastructure
Project location: Cecil County, MD
Applicant: Cecil County
Amount requested: $1,000,000
Description: Funds will be used for Phase II of the Route 40 West Sanitary Sewer Subdistrict, which includes installation of a sanitary sewer collectionline. This will help connect existing homes and businesses with failing on-site septic systems to the County sewer system and promote economic develiopment within a County-designated growth area.

Project Name: City of Bowie Pipe Replacement Project
Project location: Bowie, MD
Applicant: City of Bowie
Amount requested: $2,000,000
Description: Funding will be used to replace one mile of cast iron watermain that has corroded, resulting in a reduced pipe diameter and trapped iron particles. The replacement pipe will improve water quality for residents of Bowie.

Project Name: Monocacy National Battlefield
Project location: Frederick County, MD
Applicant: National Park Service
Amount requested: $900,000
Description: Funds will be used to purchase 17 acres to expand the Monocacy National Battlefield site. This is currently an unfunded priority for the Land and Water Convservation Fund.

Project Name: Ward 1 Stormwater Project
Project location: Hyattsville, MD
Applicant:City of Hyattsville
Amount requested: $870,000
Description: Funds will be used design and install stormwater management infrastructure, mitigating flooding in lower Ward 1 neighborhoods and business district and minimizing runoff to the Anacostia River.

FY22 Interior Financial Certification Letter

Homeland Security

Project Name: Point of Rocks Significant/High Hazard Dam Decommissioning andStream Restoration
Project location: Frederick County, MD
Applicant: Frederick County
Amount requested: $908,000
Description: Funds will be used to safely remove an existing hazardous damand provide storm water management onsite. The dam was deemed a risk by theMaryland Department of the Environment because, should it fail and create aflood wave, it would result in loss of life immediately downstream and damageto MD Route 28 and a MARC Train Station parking lot. The process of decommissioning the dam and instituting stronger stormwater management controlswith community input will serve as a model for similar projects in the state. The project has the support of the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, which is a requirement to qualify for federal funds.

FY22 Homeland Security Certification Letter

Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education

Project Name: Ashley Addiction Treatment Substance Abuse Initiative
Location: Havre de Grace, MD
Applicant: Ashley Addiction Treatment
Amount: $525,000
Description: Funds will be used for a substance use disorder treatment program partnership with faculty at Johns Hopkins University to research the effectiveness of treatments. This partnership would build upon previous Ashley Addiction Treatment efforts in advancing scientific research to identify and implement new and more effective forms of treatment for Maryland residents suffering from opioid and other substance addictions.

Project Name: Auto Mechanic Training and Placement
Location: Halethorpe, MD (headquarters)
Applicant: Vehicles for Change
Amount: $1,000,000
Description: Vehicles for Change is a non-profit that helps provide families in need with cars, while conducting workforce training for formerly incarcerated individuals. Funds would support training locations in Halethorpe, Salisbury, and Hyattsville to help individuals with barriers to employment become auto mechanics through a 4-month paid internship. Graduates of the program obtain certifications and full-time employment at local dealerships and independent garages throughout the state.

Project Name: Best Buddies in Maryland Inclusion Project for Students withIntellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Location: Baltimore City, MD (Headquarters)
Applicant: Best Buddies International, Inc.
Amount: $250,000
Description: Funds would be used to support the Best Buddies in Maryland Inclusion Project to help students with intellectual and developmental disabilities develop peer relationships, carry out student-led inclusive groupactivities, and provide leadership training to students across Maryland.

Project Name: Choptank Community Health's Federalsburg Health Center
Location: Federalsburg, MD
Applicant: Choptank Community Health System
Amount: $2,889,000
Description: Funds will be used to support construction of a state-of-the-art health center in Federalsburg in Caroline County. The new facility will replace an outdated and outgrown health center to provide access to primary medical care including prenatal and women's health services, dental care, and behavioral health services including medication assisted treatment to members of the community.

Project Name: CreativeWorks Job Training Program: Promoting Access to College andCareers
Location: Prince George's County
Applicant: World Arts Focus, Inc. d/b/a Joe's Movement Emporium
Amount: $300,000
Description: Funds will be used to expand CreativeWorks, a paid jobtraining program supporting the college and career readiness of Prince George's County Public School (PGCPS) high school seniors, recent graduates, and Prince George's Community College students. CreativeWorks participants receive training in theater tech, digital media, photography, and movie production andcan access internship and job opportunities at a range of employer partners,including the Smithsonian, Community Forklift, and Prince George's African American Museum and Cultural Center. Currently in its 13th year, nearly 500 youth have graduated from the CreativeWorks job training program. 

Project Name: Every Mind Crisis Prevention and Intervention Capacity Building
Location: Rockville, MD
Applicant: EveryMind
Amount: $329,000
Description: Funds will be used to provide technology improvements to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of Every Mind's remote and virtual services. Every Mind has 64 years of expertise and experience in serving Maryland's communities' and their most vulnerable populations' mental health needs. This expertise is precisely what will ensure our mental health andcrisis prevention and our intervention services target those Marylanders most in need and especially youth, teens, homeless, elderly, veteran, and BIPOC communities who may have decreased access to care.

Project Name: Frederick County Crisis Stabilization Center
Location: Frederick County, MD
Applicant: Frederick County Government
Amount: $850,000
Description: Funds will be used to support the Frederick County CrisisStabilization Center (CSC), which will be a 24/7 program to divert people who are in crisis and/or under the influence of a substance away from emergency departments and provide stronger links to community-based behavioral healthcare for individuals who have not been reached by the behavioral health system. It will create another non-traditional access point for individuals who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis or at risk of overdose or other harmful behaviors.

Project Name: Grassroots New Outpatient Mental Health Clinic
Location: Columbia, Maryland
Applicant: Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center, Inc.
Amount: $500,000
Description: Funds will be used to support the Grassroots Outpatient Mental Health Clinic as it expands to offer a wider range of behavioral health services in addition to its current crisis intervention programs and MobileCrisis Team. The expansion will provide individual and group psychotherapy, psychiatry services, and case management to address patients' unique needs. 

Project Name: Greater Washington Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse VictimServices
Location: Rockville, MD
Applicant: Greater Washington Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse
Amount: $300,000
Description: Funds will be used to support an increase in demand forservices and support from the Greater Washington Jewish Coalition AgainstDomestic Abuse Victim (JCADA). JCADA works to end power-based violence by empowering survivors and ensuring safe communities through clinical support, advocacy, and direct legal services as well as educational programming for youth, parents, educators and other professionals. 

Project Name: Healthcare on the SPOT
Location: Baltimore, MD
Applicant: Baltimore City
Amount: $475,000
Description: Funds would be used to deploy a second mobile treatment van with staff and supplies in Baltimore City to provide medication-assisted treatment. The Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) and Johns Hopkins University (JHU) partnered in 2018 to launch the first mobile treatment van. The van currently provides free medication-assisted treatment (MAT), woundcare, HIV and hepatitis-C testing and care, and case management services. This second van would expand free and accessible treatment and help to reduce Baltimore's overdose incidents in areas of most urgent need.

Project Name: Humanim Workforce Development and Social Enterprise Initiatives
Location: Baltimore City, MD
Applicant: Humanim, Inc.
Amount: $500,000
Description: Humanim has a 50-year history of providing services to support and empower individuals through human services, youth services,workforce development, and social enterprise. Funds will be used for Humanim's workforce programs, including the statewide Direct Support Professional (DSP) Apprenticeship Program, which operates with partners in government, school systems, and service providers to increase career paths for the unemployed to reach living wage jobs. Funds would also support a partnership with Obran Cooperative to grow the field of DSPs using an employee ownership model. And funds would support City Seeds, Humanim's East Baltimore culinary social enterprise, which has been providing training and employment opportunities for Baltimore residents with barriers to employment since 2016.

Project Name: Integrated Early Learning Center
Location: Baltimore City, MD
Applicant: Kennedy Krieger Institute
Amount: $1,250,000
Description: Funds would be used to support an Integrated Early Learning Center Demonstration site to provide comprehensive, integrated family-centered early childhood education for young children with developmental disabilities and their families and boost kindergarten readiness. The demonstration site will develop a sustainable model that can be replicated to coordinate specialty care and educational services and ensure that early childhood educators areprepared to meet the needs of children with disabilities.

Project Name: Living Classroom Foundation's Crisis Management and WorkforceDevelopment System to enhance Safe Streets Violence Prevention
Location: Baltimore, MD
Applicant: Living Classrooms Foundation
Amount: $750,000
Description: Funds will be used to strengthen and expand the Safe StreetsInitiative by streamlining and increasing access to work through a rapidly-expanding network of essential skills training, job training, and job placement opportunities. The Living Classrooms Foundation will work with its partners to help over 200 individuals to obtain training, wrap-around services, and employment.

Project Name: The Lourie Center Trauma-Informed Preschool
Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Applicant: Reginald S. Lourie Center for Infants and Young Children, Inc.
Amount: $970,000
Description: Funds will be used to launch a Trauma-Informed Care & Preschool Project ECHO to establish an expert hub to train early childhood educators to more effectively support children experiencing trauma in their classrooms, reduce suspension and expulsion in preschool, and foster resiliency against teacher burnout and secondary traumatization -- made even more pressing by the pandemic. The Lourie Center serves children and families in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties.

Project Name: Renovation of University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Nursing Facility at the Universities at Shady Grove
Location: Rockville, MD
Applicant: University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Nursing
Amount: $1,250,000
Description: Funding would be used to renovate the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Nursing facility at the Universities of Shady Grove,including creating additional simulation learning space; 3D immersion functionality; a new assessment lab with control room; a state-of-the-art hospital training suite; a Student Success suite with advising, tutoring, and study groups; and office space to accommodate new faculty.

Project Name: Returning Citizens Workforce Development Program
Location: Baltimore, MD
Applicant: Greater Baltimore Urban League
Amount: $800,000
Description: Funds will be used to provide work-ready development/trainingand social services in Baltimore City and Frederick and Montgomery Counties aspart of the Greater Baltimore Urban League's plans for successful employment ofcitizens returning from the justice system. Through its Returning CitizensWork-Ready & Employment (RCE) initiative, the Greater Baltimore Urban League will deliver targeted coaching, soft skills and computer training, career counseling, stipends, and other workforce support services to help returning citizens re-integrate into the community through gainful employment.

Project Name: Saturday Leadership Program
Location: Baltimore, MD
Applicant: Greater Baltimore Urban League
Amount: $320,000
Description: Funds would be used to serve Black students from neighborhoods across Baltimore City in the Greater Baltimore Urban League's Saturday Leadership Program. The program, which includes college visits andcultural and STEM-based field trips, is designed to help students confront barriers to education and learn soft skills to keep them on the track to college. 

Project Name: UMBC-Shady Grove Biomanufacturing Center
Location: Rockville, Maryland
Applicant: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Amount: $750,000
Description: Funds will be used to create biomanufacturing-related laboratory projects and class demonstrations in UMBC's facilities at the Universities at Shady Grove. These lab modules would become part of the undergraduate and graduate biotechnology degree programs, which are focused on workforce development, industry-relevant student internship projects, and short-term training for workers displaced because of the COVID-19-related economic downturn. These funds would also allow UMBC to purchase additional biomanufacturing-related laboratory equipment, enabling them to educate more students and trainees and grow Maryland's STEM workforce. 

Project Name: University of Maryland, Eastern Shore Interdisciplinary Research Center
Location: Princess Anne, MD
Applicant: University of Maryland, Eastern Shore
Amount: $350,000
Description: Funds will be used to establish an Interdisciplinary Research Center at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore to serve as an academic hub for faculty and graduate students and provide support for research development, securing grants for research projects and graduate research assistanceships, professional development, and research infrastructure. The University of Maryland, Eastern Shore is a Carnegie Research II's High ResearchActivity-designated university and the new center will help increase graduation rates of graduate students in STEM disciplines.

Project Name: Inspiring the Next Generation in STEAM Education
Location: Washington, DC
Applicant: National Children's Museum
Amount: $600,000
Description: Funds will support the National Children's Museum, a unique hybrid that combines learning elements found in a science center withchildren's museum experiences. Unlike traditional children's museums, which areaimed at visitors through age eight, the Museum seeks to inspire children from birth to twelve in STEAM (science,technology, engineering, arts, and math) education. These funds will be used for educational exhibit content development and programming, and will support the development of a virtual field trip video to enable children fromacross the county to access the programming and permanent exhibits at the Museum. The National Children Museum accommodates thousands of Maryland visitors and has supported 161 Maryland educators with virtual field trips andmaterials throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

FY22 LHHS Financial Certification Letter