A grateful nation must support those who are willing to risk their lives for our security and freedom. Senator Van Hollen believes it is our duty to deliver on the promise we made to our veterans to provide quality health care, education, affordable housing, and the opportunity to start a business and succeed in the workforce.


There are over 21.8 million veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces today. As a group, they are facing a series of challenges that we must work harder to address. Walter Reed Army Medical Center was relocated to Maryland in 2011, and Senate Van Hollen led the charge to secure infrastructure funding to ensure that veterans and their families could easily access the facility and to mitigate traffic issues for the surrounding community. He was an early champion of the nationwide Veteran Institute for Procurement, which helps veteran-owned small businesses access government contracting opportunities. And he is working to end veterans’ homelessness across the state.

Our nation must keep the promises it has made to its veterans. That requires continued reform of the Veterans’ Affairs (VA) healthcare system to cut down on lengthy wait times, improve facilities, and provide the latest technology and medical treatments to our veterans. It also means strengthening the GI Bill to give veterans the tools they need to begin or enhance their civilian careers.