March 22, 2017

Van Hollen: Trump’s Budget Would Hurt Bay and Maryland’s Environment

Today U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen, member of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committees, released the following analysis of some of the impacts that the Trump budget would have on the Chesapeake Bay and the environment in Maryland:

"The budget cuts proposed by President Trump would seriously damage our efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and protect our environment. Its shortsighted cuts would damage Maryland's economy - from the tourism and boating industry, to watermen working on the Bay, to the contractors who are helping make homes and businesses more energy efficient. We must stand together and fight for the Bay and our environment so that all those who value clean water, clean air, and our children's future are protected from the Trump Administration's assault on our environment."


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would be cut in Trump's budget by more than a third, and it faces the deepest cuts of any agency. More than 50 EPA programs would be eliminated entirely, including:

  • Chesapeake Bay Program, which is central to the environment and economy of Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation found that we would see almost $130 billion in economic benefits if we fully implement our plan to clean-up the Bay
  • Climate change research being done in Maryland and across the country, despite the threat our state faces from sea level rise and warming of the Bay
  • Clean Power Plan, international climate change programs, partnership programs, and related efforts

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which is based in Maryland, faces over $250 million in cuts to coastal and marine grants and programs, including:

  • Sea Grant Program would be eliminated, which supports the Maryland Sea Grant College. The College conducts important work like assisting oyster aquaculture businesses, developing science, technology, engineering, and math education initiatives, and conducting Bay research

The Department of Energy is facing a 5.6 percent?cut, impacting programs focused on renewable energy innovation and energy efficiency. Specific program cuts include:

  • State Energy Program, which increases energy efficiency, reduces costs, improves reliability, and promotes economic growth. Since 2015,Maryland has received over $58 million in funding from this program

The Department of Agriculture's water and wastewater loan and grant program would be eliminated.

  • This program invested $14.5 million in Maryland's rural communities in FY16.