May 01, 2020

Van Hollen, Sullivan Recognize U.S. Foreign Service Day

U.S. Senators Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) and Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska), co-founders of the Senate Foreign Service Caucus, are introducing a resolution designating May 1, 2020 as “United States Foreign Service Day” in recognition of the men and women who have served, or are presently serving, in the Foreign Service of the United States and honoring the members of the Foreign Service who have given their lives in the line of duty. Foreign Service Day has been celebrated on the first Friday in May for generations; 2020 marks 96 years since the establishment of the Foreign Service in 1924.

The Foreign Service, comprising 16,000 U.S. personnel, plus 75,000 locally-engaged personnel who serve at embassies and consulates overseas, are members of the Department of State, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Agriculture, the Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, and the U.S. Agency for Global Media. 

“Across the globe, American Foreign Service Officers work tirelessly to protect and promote our country’s best interests. As we’ve faced new challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, you’ve worked overtime to help Americans abroad and to bring many home. Your efforts are vital to our nation, and I’m proud to recognize your hard work and immense contributions in celebration of the 96th Foreign Service Day,” said Senator Van Hollen.

“I’d like to salute the members of the Foreign Service on the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the founding of this crucial diplomatic corps,” said Senator Sullivan. “Your day-in and day-out work—engaging governments, businesses and individuals around the world—strengthens our national security, assists our citizens, and promotes U.S. interests abroad. Additionally, at an unprecedented time for our country, your relentless efforts in assisting thousands of our citizens, including Alaskans, to return home is one more example of the invaluable contributions of our Foreign Service.”