December 02, 2017

Van Hollen Statement on Senate Passage of the GOP Tax Bill

U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen issued the following statement today regarding Senate passage of the Republican tax legislation:

"Tonight, Republicans put powerful corporate interests before their constituents - plain and simple. This bill hits the pocketbooks of millions of working families in Maryland and across the country. It is a huge giveaway to special interests and the uber rich, while so many middle class Americans are forced to foot the bill. What's more, this legislation adds over $1 trillion to our national debt - mortgaging the futures of our children and grandchildren. Already Republicans are looking to slash programs like Medicare and Medicaid to pay for this corporate giveaway.

"The Republicans made clear through this process that they care little for transparency or bipartisanship. The legislation that passed tonight was distributed just hours ago. Instead of holding hearings, meeting with experts, and discussing this bill with our constituents, the Republicans have pushed this bill - legislation that will impact our economy for years to come - through the Senate in mere hours.

"The consequences of their bill are clear: millions of middle class families are going to pay more, while big corporations, rich foreign stockholders, hedge funds, and the top 1 percent get a massive tax giveaway that will line their pockets and explode the national debt, but won't grow paychecks for working people.

"I am deeply disappointed in the Senate passage of this legislation, and I will continue to fight final passage with every tool I've got. Over the last month, I've heard from thousands of concerned Marylanders, and I urge folks here and around the country not to let up. You deserve better."