August 01, 2018

Van Hollen Statement on NDAA

Today, U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) released the following statement regarding his vote in support of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019:
“The National Defense Authorization Act passed by the Senate today provides crucial resources to our Armed Forces and our national defense, including a pay increase for our men and women in uniform. In addition to providing funding for the many federal agencies in Maryland whose missions support our national defense, it includes resources for critical projects taking place in our state – including strong support for the Edgewood and Aberdeen clean-up efforts and road improvements at Fort Meade. It also ensures that the mission of the Defense Information Systems Agency, and those working on it at Fort Meade, will continue and strengthens U.S. Cyber Command.
“However, in a bill that is supposed to strengthen our national security, Republican conferees chose to remove a bipartisan provision that imposed tough sanctions on ZTE – a Chinese telecommunications company that has stolen US technology, repeatedly violated our laws, and poses an espionage threat. I remain deeply disappointed that Republican conferees caved to White House pressure and ZTE’s lobbying efforts at the expense of our national security. I will continue working with like-minded colleagues in the Senate to hold ZTE accountable.”