May 09, 2017

Van Hollen Statement on Firing of FBI Director Comey

U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen released the following statement after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey:

"Firing FBI Director Comey has the foul stench of an attempt to stop an ongoing investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. We know that the Russians interfered in our election. We know that every intelligence agency concluded that Russia interfered on behalf of Donald Trump. And we know that Director Comey was investigating potential collusion between Donald Trump's associates and Russia. While I've long had concerns about Director Comey, it's shocking that the Justice Department and the White House would blatantly interfere in an ongoing and very active investigation by firing him. Congress must continue its work to investigate possible collusion, but the timing of Director Comey's firing requires that the Justice Department immediately appoint a special prosecutor in order to reinstall confidence in our justice system and in our intelligence agencies."