June 26, 2017

Van Hollen Statement on CBO Score of Senate Republican Health Care Bill

U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen released the following statement on the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis of the Senate Republican health care bill:

"Senate Republicans are hearing it from their constituents, their colleagues, and now from the CBO - this bill is rotten to the core and bad news for American families. It would leave working people in Maryland and across the country with increasing health care costs but give them less coverage. Just like the House Republican plan, it takes coverage away from more than 20 million people. It would also slash Medicaid and leave millions of sick kids, seniors in nursing homes, and people with disabilities without the coverage they need to survive.

"In fact, as I hear from Maryland families, advocacy groups, and health care providers, I'm hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks this proposal would help them - except for the very wealthy and special interests, who are getting a windfall tax break. The Republican health care plan isn't just mean - it's immoral. After being drafted behind closed doors, the Senate Republican plan is finally seeing the light of day, and we must join together to fight it tooth and nail."