April 28, 2021

Van Hollen Statement on Biden Joint Address to Congress

Today, U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) released the following statement regarding President Joe Biden’s Joint Address to Congress:

“Tonight President Biden spoke to the country with confidence and conviction; seriousness and resolve; realism about the challenges we face; and optimism about America’s future. It’s been just under 100 days since President Joe Biden took office and the Democratic party gained leadership in the Senate. In this span, we have put our all into building a stronger nation, and, as President Biden laid out tonight, we have already achieved historic progress. We have overcome many of the immense challenges of COVID-19 – passing the American Rescue Plan to ramp up vaccinations across our country, delivering stimulus payments directly to families, and injecting vital resources into our economy and communities across the country. These efforts have been critical to Maryland, bringing much-needed relief to folks across our state. Through these efforts – and the resilience, kindness, and determination of our people – we are well on the road to recovery.

“But our work has just begun. As President Biden detailed, we have so much more we seek to accomplish. Our nation is on the cusp of opportunity – facing great challenges but tremendous potential. Through President Biden’s American Families Plan and American Jobs Plan, we have the chance to truly invest in that potential and create opportunity for all Americans – from our students to our workforce – while tackling challenges like improving our infrastructure and addressing the climate emergency. I was glad to hear President Biden detail these plans tonight.

“In addition to these two major initiatives, there are other challenges we must take on – from protecting the right to vote, to ensuring racial and social justice, to taking meaningful action to stop the gun violence epidemic, to implementing compassionate and comprehensive immigration reform, and much more. Each challenge is as urgent and pressing as the next.

“The best way to face these challenges is together. President Biden has already worked to bridge the divides of this nation, and we must forge ahead. I am committed to working alongside the President, my colleagues, and the American people to drive this progress and bring opportunity and prosperity to all – across Maryland and our country. United, we must strive towards a more perfect union.”