January 20, 2021

Van Hollen Statement on Biden Executive Actions to Address the Climate Crisis

Today, U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) released the following statement regarding President Joe Biden’s executive actions addressing the climate crisis: 

“We are facing an urgent climate crisis that requires immediate action. The Biden-Harris Administration understands the gravity of this crisis and the impact it will have on everyday Americans – from flooding their homes to driving up their energy bills – and today’s executive actions are the first step in tackling these problems. In committing to rejoining the Paris Climate Accords and eliminating some of Trump’s most egregious and harmful anti-environmental policies, it’s clear the Biden-Harris Administration means business. I’ll be working together with the Administration on more action to tackle the climate crisis and secure environmental justice across the board – including my “cap and dividend” plan to cut carbon pollution and my proposal with Senator Markey to create a clean energy accelerator to incentivize investments and job growth in a greener, clean tech economy. I look forward to the opportunity to meaningfully address the climate crisis and to seize on this chance to create new jobs, modernize our infrastructure, and strengthen our economy.”

Senator Van Hollen has introduced a number of proposals to address climate change, including innovative cap & dividend legislation, a bill to jump-start investments in green technologies, and legislation to save taxpayer dollars by ensuring federal infrastructure is built in areas without flood risk.