September 12, 2018

Van Hollen, Rubio Statement on Election Security Executive Order

U.S. Senators Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) today released a joint statement after President Trump signed an Executive Order to impose sanctions-in-waiting against foreign individuals, entities, or governments that meddle in future U.S. elections:


“There is no question that protecting our elections from foreign interference is one of the most pressing issues facing our country today. Today’s announcement by the Administration recognizes the threat, but does not go far enough to address it. The United States can and must do more. Mandatory sanctions on anyone who attacks our electoral systems serve as the best deterrent, which is the central tenet of the bipartisan DETER Act. We must make sure Vladimir Putin’s Russia, or any other foreign actor, understands that we will respond decisively and impose punishing consequences against those who interfere in our democracy. With only 55 days until the midterm elections, we urge our colleagues to send a clear and unified message to our adversaries by quickly passing this legislation.”


Rubio and Van Hollen introduced the bipartisan Defending Elections from Threats by Establishing Redlines (DETER) Act earlier this year.