February 02, 2021

Van Hollen Joins the Maryland Chamber of Commerce's Virtual Town Hall

U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) joined the Maryland Chamber of Commerce yesterday for a virtual Town Hall to discuss the recently-passed COVID-19 relief package and new efforts in Congress to deliver additional relief for Maryland businesses. Senator Van Hollen provided an update on ongoing discussions with the Biden Administration to provide more support for Maryland local businesses.

During the meeting, the Senator heard from members of the Chamber on the top issues they are facing as businesses during this challenging time. The Senator also discussed the areas we need to address to safely get Marylanders back to work, such as expanded vaccine distribution and testing capacity, modernized broadband infrastructure, and additional support for local governments.

“Maryland's Chamber of Commerce brings together businesses from across our state and throughout the pandemic they have worked around the clock to support those who are struggling with the economic fallout,” said Senator Van Hollen. “Yesterday's conversation was an opportunity to discuss our work at the federal level to support Maryland businesses and their workers during these challenging times and to get their input on the next federal emergency COVID-19 relief proposal.”

“The Maryland Chamber of Commerce is delighted to continue partnering with Senator Van Hollen in finding policy solutions that support Maryland's job creators during this extremely difficult time. Getting Marylander's back to work as quickly and safely as possible remains a top priority for the employer community and we're happy to have Senator Van Hollen working to make that happen in Washington, D.C.,” said Christine Ross, President & CEO of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.