May 21, 2018

Van Hollen: Democrats Provide a Better Deal for Our Democracy

Today, U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen released the following statement regarding the Democrats’ introduction of A Better Deal for Our Democracy:
“Over the past year and a half, our country has seen a Republican-controlled government that has worked to promote big banks, special interests, and massive corporations. From tax reform to the rollback of consumer protections, the American people now know where Republicans’ priorities truly lie. Today, Democrats are offering a strong rebuke to their pay-to-play mentality. Instead, we have put forward a plan that empowers American voters, strengthens our country’s ethics laws, and fixes our campaign finance system.
“Transparency is at the heart of these issues. The Supreme Court’s decision in 2010 to dramatically expand the ability of special interests to influence the political process in the Citizens United case has had undeniable and disastrous consequences. Secret money has flooded our democracy as special interests try to buy and sell our elections. That same year, I introduced the DISCLOSE Act in the House of Representatives to shed light on the political spending by special interests and ensure voters are able to make informed decisions. I’m continuing that work today with Senator Whitehouse.
“Ethics and transparency are central to today’s plan. We will continue to fight for a better deal for all Americans.”
The Senate Democrats’ A Better Deal for Our Democracy can be found here.