December 23, 2022

Van Hollen, Cardin Secure Over $40 Million in Direct Investments for Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties in Fiscal Year 2023 Funding Bill, Vote to Pass it in Senate

U.S. Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin (both D-Md.) announced that they have secured $43,547,299 in direct federal funding for local projects in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties within the fiscal year 2023 omnibus funding legislation, which they voted to pass yesterday. The projects encompass a wide array of local and regional priorities, ranging from public safety to infrastructure improvements to community and workforce development. Overall, the Senators included over $200 million in federal dollars directly for Maryland within the legislation.

A full list of the funds included by Senator Cardin in the fiscal year 2023 appropriations legislation is here. A full list of the funds included by Senator Van Hollen in the legislation is here. Now that the legislation has passed the Senate, it is expected to be considered in the House later today prior to being sent to the President for his signature.

“These federal investments will directly address real needs in communities across Maryland. That’s why we secured these resources that support important local initiatives to boost economic opportunity, enhance public safety, and expand access to health care along with many other important services. I’ll keep working until we get this bill to the President’s desk so we can deliver these funds to our local partners who are ready to put them to good use making a meaningful impact in our communities,” said Senator Van Hollen, a member of the Appropriations Committee.

 “These earmarks advance long-planned and widely-supported projects for our nonprofit and faith-based communities, bolster environmental and green projects, support vulnerable citizens, enhance public safety and expand opportunities for students,” said Senator Cardin. “I am proud to announce these Congressionally Directed Spending projects that meet the direct needs of Marylanders.”

The funding announced by the Senators includes:

  • Over $5.5 million for economic development, including for an equitable entrepreneurship program at the Universities at Shady Grove; the Maryland Economic Opportunity Center at the University of Maryland, College Park; Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation’s institute to help veteran-owned companies do business with government; and Maryland Technology Development Corporation’s partnership with the state’s HBCUs to lift up Black women entrepreneurs
  • Over $8 million for education and workforce development, including for a health worker training program for underrepresented groups in Montgomery County; boosting diversity in STEM research and a data science and analytics center at Bowie State University; a nurse training program at Prince George’s Community College; Denney House’s workforce development program for underserved communities; expansion of the University of Maryland global campus peer tutoring program; and Melwood Horticultural Center’s training program for people with disabilities
  • Over $6 million for infrastructure, including for Montgomery County’s E-Cargo Bike Lending Program and Flash Bus expansion to Howard County; planning for a new Prince George’s County transit facility; flood control and hazardous substance remediation near Lower Beaverdam Creek in Prince George’s County; and secure bike parking facilities in Bethesda and Silver Spring
  • Over $5 million for community development, including for a mobile food delivery truck; a mobile library; and the Youth@Work summer enrichment program operated by Prince George’s County; assistance for homeless mothers and their children; services for people of color with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and upgrades at Allen Pond Park in Bowie
  • Over $1.5 million for historical and cultural initiatives, including for Pleasant View Historic Site preservation and restoration; the preservation and repair of the historic George Washington House; and Sandy Spring Museum’s hub for folk artists from underrepresented communities
  • $3.5 million for affordable housing, including for a shared equity homeownership program to support owner-occupied housing; and Montgomery County’s low-income housing electrification and indoor air quality improvements program
  • Over $11.5 million for health care, including for a cardiovascular care center for diabetic patients at Fort Washington Medical Center; a multidisciplinary care center for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Rockville; a new outpatient medical facility in Capitol Heights; the relocation and expansion of the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center (CCACC) Health Center; the modernization of a behavioral health clinic for our service members, veterans, and their families; mental and behavioral health services for Montgomery County’s Latino community; the Roberta’s House culturally responsive grief support program; trauma-informed training for organizations that work with children and families in Prince George's County; and the creation of the White Flint Institute for Computational Life Science
  • Over $1 million for public safety, including for evidence processing in the Prince George’s County Office of the State’s Attorney; a sports-focused violence prevention initiative; and upgrades at the Prince George’s County Emergency Operations Center


Project Name: The Equity Incubator at the Universities at Shady Grove
Applicant: The Universities at Shady Grove
Description: Operated by the Universities at Shady Grove’s Lab for Entrepreneurship and Transformative Leadership, the Equity Incubator provides guidance and support to groups of entrepreneurs and includes an 8-week long intensive program with weekly workshops and mentor meetings, and a venture pitch to a panel of judges. Funds will be used to expand the Equity Incubator program to meet demand.
Project Location: Rockville, MD
Amount Included: $956,000

Project Name: Maryland Economic Opportunity Center
Applicant: University of Maryland, College Park
Description: Funds will be used to support the Center's work as a hub helping to start, grow, and sustain small businesses from underserved communities across the state by connecting business owners with assistance in planning, financing, marketing, and other services and identifying and filling gaps in services available to the minority and women-owned small businesses. The Center also provides paid internships to UMD students to apply their academic lessons to the real world of helping underserved business owners to succeed.
Project Location: College Park, MD
Amount Included: $2,250,000

Project Name: National Veteran Institute for Procurement
Applicant: Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation
Description: Veteran Institute for Procurement (VIP) provides technical assistance on government and industry procurement processes, networking and connections to potential customers, and opportunities for veteran-owned companies to stay connected and support each other. Funds will be used to expand VIP training classes to accommodate increased demand and allow up to 450 service-disabled and veteran-owned small businesses to participate in the program.
Project Location: Rockville, MD
Amount Included: $2,000,000

Project Name: TEDCO Open Institute for Black Women Entrepreneurs
Applicant: Maryland Technology Development Corporation
Description: Funds will be used to support TEDCO's new Open Institute for Black Women Entrepreneurs, a partnership with Maryland's four HBCUs to determine these entrepreneurs' needs at the intersection of research, tech transfer, and education.
Project Location: Columbia, MD
Amount Included: $418,000


Project Name: Building an Inclusive Health Care Workforce: Lifting Underrepresented Residents into Health Care Careers
Applicant: Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County, LLC
Description: Building an Inclusive Health Care Workforce offers low or no-cost training to engage underrepresented residents and foster a more diverse health care workforce. The program is a collaboration of all six hospitals operating in Montgomery County to support training pathways from program recruitment to job placement as well as supportive services for trainings. Federal funding will expand lab capacity at Montgomery College to allow for the training of 200 new health care professionals including nurses, certified medical assistants, radiologic technicians, and nursing assistants.
Project Location: Silver Spring, MD
Amount Included: $1,300,000

Project Name: Bowie State University STEM Diversity in Research Opportunities Collaboration
Applicant: Bowie State University
Description: Funds will be used to increase collaboration among STEM fields at Bowie State University, including life sciences, health care, cybersecurity, information systems, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. It will advance workforce and entrepreneurial opportunities for students and faculty to commercialize research that crosses critical sectors.
Project Location: Bowie, MD
Amount Included: $1,500,000

Project Name: Building Maryland's Nursing Workforce
Applicant: Prince George's Community College
Description: In Maryland, the pandemic resulted in a shortage of 2,600 nurses and an increase in the rate of nurses leaving the field per year from 17% pre-COVID to 33%. In February of 2022, the Maryland Hospital Association stated in a news release that the "staggering workforce shortage" is limiting hospitals' "capacity to meet the needs of all Maryland residents." Prince George's County Community College will help meet the region's critical nursing workforce needs by expanding their certified nursing assistant program to their Laurel campus with the addition of a full CNA lab and providing a new and updated nursing program lab and simulation equipment on the Largo campus. The new labs and simulation equipment will expand nursing and certified nursing assistant students’ practical and clinical experience opportunities.
Project Location: Largo, MD
Amount Included: $971,000

Project Name: Data Science and Analytics Center
Applicant: Bowie State University
Description: Bowie State University’s Center for Data Science and Data Analytics Center pulls on existing university resources for research, training, and industry partnerships. Federal funding will support a collaboration among the university, government, and industry partners in research and curriculum development to improve data analytics and train an underrepresented population in this fast-growing STEM field.
Project Location: Bowie, MD
Amount Included: $638,000

Project Name: Denney House Workforce Development Program
Applicant: The Denney House Inc.
Description: TDHWorks trains individuals from underserved communities to be successful in the workplace through development of essential soft and social skills necessary to gain and maintain employment; financial literacy; college and career exploration; trade certification; and job placement. Funds will be used to expand existing programming to provide training year round.
Project Location: Clinton, MD
Amount Included: $200,000

Project Title: Expansion of the University of Maryland Global Campus Peer Tutoring Program
Recipient Name: University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC)
Project Purpose: The Campus Peer Tutoring Program aims to expand the tutoring services offered for University of Maryland Global Campus students. The peer tutoring aspect encourages students to be less intimidated and more likely to ask questions to receive help on their schoolwork. Peer tutors themselves also increase their learning and become role models for active learning. With many of the students at UMGC requiring flexible schedules due to a full time job, caretaking, or military service, flexible tutoring and additional support is required.
Project Location: Prince George’s County
Amount Included: $246,000

Project Name: Melwood Neurodivergent Workforce Initiative
Applicant: Melwood Horticultural Center
Description: Melwood is an employer, advocate, and provider of services to people with disabilities. It has a heavy focus on pre-employment training as a means of driving empowerment and inclusion and bringing down the unemployment rate for people with disabilities, which remains more than double that of those without disabilities. Federal funding would help Melwood expand abilIT, a neurodiverse workforce program that provides both technical and professional development training to help people with disabilities succeed in the job market, supporting up to 80 trainees with classes to earn industry-recognized certifications. In addition to working with job seekers, Melwood will work directly with hiring organizations to ensure ongoing success for placed candidates, including management and co-worker training so that retention and growth opportunities are included in organizational plans.
Project Location: Upper Marlboro, MD
Amount Included: $500,000

Project Name: Youth@Work/Summer Youth Enrichment Program
Applicant: Prince George's County
Description: The Youth @ Work/Summer Youth Enrichment Program has provided Prince George’s County students with early career trainings and work opportunities for more than 30 years. This program aims to meet the upcoming needs of the local job market by preparing students to take on jobs that will open up soon. The program will ensure that students are equipped to enter the workforce in a technology-based economy, assisting with unemployment rates and the local economy.
Project Location: Largo, MD
Amount Included: $3,000,000


Project Name: Family E-Cargo Bike Lending Program
Applicant: Montgomery County Government
Description of Proposal: The Montgomery County Department of Transportation is launching a pilot program to provide families with electric cargo bikes in a variety of configurations to suit their needs. This program will allow residents to test whether electric assist-cargo bikes are suitable for their family and increase usage of electric bikes in the County, reducing environmental emissions from a reduction in vehicle traffic. Federal funds will support the launch of the new program.
Project Location: Montgomery County, MD
Amount Included: $400,000

Project Name: Montgomery County Flash Bus Expansion to Howard County Maryland
Applicant: Montgomery County Government
Description of Proposal: Montgomery and Howard Counties plan to extend the Montgomery County Flash Bus System northward from its existing terminus in Burtonsville to Downtown Columbia, including stops in Maple Lawn and the Johns Hopkins Advanced Physics Lab. Federal funds to purchase four zero-emission buses will allow a bi-county bus with peak period service (3 morning and 3 evening trips) on an hourly headway. Montgomery will purchase, own and operate the vehicles, and Howard County will fund the annual operating costs for their share of this service.
Project Location: Montgomery and Howard Counties, MD
Amount Included: $3,350,000

Project Name: Prince George’s County Transit Facility
Applicant: Office of the Prince George's County Executive
Description of Proposal: As the County transit system grows, the Prince George's County Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) needs an additional facility to store and maintain fixed route vehicles as capacity of the current primary facility has been exceeded. Federal funds will support a feasibility study, design, and construction and bid documentation for a new facility.
Project Location: Largo, MD
Amount Included: $1,500,000

Project Name: Restoration of Lower Beaverdam Creek
Applicant: Prince George's County
Description: Lower Beaverdam Creek is located in the Anacostia River Watershed, a highly urbanized watershed. The restoration effort will focus on flood control and the remediation of hazardous substances. It also seeks to increase resident access to the creek for underserved neighborhoods through an education and outreach program. Federal funds will support the planning and design phase of the project.
Project Location: Prince George's County, MD
Amount Included: $500,000

Project Name: Secure Bike Parking Facilities in Bethesda and Silver Spring
Applicant: Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT)
Description of Proposal: Montgomery County is committed increasing bike ridership to reduce pollution and traffic congestion. Federal funds will be used to provide secure bike parking facilities in downtown Bethesda and downtown Silver Spring. Both proposed facilities are adjacent to transit hubs and the Capital Crescent Trail and are within major mixed-use downtown areas.
Project Location: Bethesda and Silver Spring, MD
Amount Included: $428,000


Project Name: Allen Pond Park
Applicant: City of Bowie
Description of Proposal: Allen Pond Park is Bowie’s largest park with a playground, turf fields, and an amphitheater. The park is a hub for middle-income residents of all ages as it provides sport fields, an entertainment venue, cultural events, and exercise space. In a 2018 study, it was reported that out of the organized recreational sports groups in Bowie, 47.5% are Bowie residents participating in field sports and the remainder are regional users, displaying how the fields in the park serve both residents and those in the region. The investments in Allen Pond Park will allow for the space to continue to serve the middle-class residents and visitors of Bowie.
Project Location: Bowie, MD
Amount Included: $1,700,000

Project Name: Prince George's County Mobile Food Delivery Truck
Applicant: Human Service Coalition of Prince George's County, Inc. dba Nonprofit Prince George's County
Description of Proposal: Many residents in Prince George’s County live in food deserts where they have limited access to affordable and nutritious foods and meals. These funds will allow Nonprofit Prince George’s County to purchase a mobile food delivery truck that will expand their service delivery of free foods to vulnerable residents and those in need.
Project Location: Bowie, MD
Amount Included: $513,000

Project Name: Prince George’s County Mobile Library
Applicant: Prince George's County Memorial Library
Description: Funding for this project will be used to create a “Rover: Library 2Go” to provide mobile library services in Prince George’s County, MD. The mobile library vehicle will enable the Library to directly deliver internet access, technology, books, and library services to underserved communities and neighborhoods that do not have an accessible permanent public library building, such as Langley Park, Capitol Heights, Suitland, Langley Park, and Oxon Hill.
Project Location: Largo, MD
Amount Included: $2,200,000

Project Name: St. Ann's Center Pathways Out of Poverty
Applicant: St. Ann's Center for Children, Youth and Families
Description: St. Ann’s Center for Children, Youth, and Families was founded in 1860 to serve orphaned and abandoned children and single women in childbirth, with doors open to people of all races and religions. It remains one of a handful of residential programs for homeless mothers and their children in Maryland, and many of the young women they serve have a history of abuse, neglect, extreme poverty, or other trauma. Federal funds will support "Pathways Out of Poverty,” a pioneering and innovative program that will provide holistic and intensive programming, including shelter, education, employment, social services and child care, to eight young Maryland mothers and their children who are facing homelessness or housing insecurity. With these supports, young mothers will create and aim to achieve goals that move their families towards stability and self-sufficiency.
Project Location: Hyattsville, MD
Amount Included: $200,000

Project Name: Support for Black and Brown Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Applicant: The Arc Prince George's County
Description: The Arc Prince George's County is the oldest and largest provider of disability services in the County and is a "one stop shop" for services for individuals with I/DD and their families, delivering comprehensive, person-centered support that meets the needs of individuals throughout their lifespan. The Arc of Prince George’s County serves more than 550 individuals and families on a daily basis, and reaches an additional 2,500 community members annually. Federal funds will allow The Arc to expand its individualized, comprehensive services to address a tremendous backlog of evaluations, services and education resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic using a multi-pronged approach to filling gaps in service and help youth with I/DD prepare for life after school and support adults with developmental disabilities with immediate, basic needs.
Project Location: Prince George's County, MD
Amount Included: $819,500


Project Name: Pleasant View Historic Site Preservation and Restoration
Applicant: Pleasant View Historical Association
Description of Proposal: The Pleasant View Historic Site was the center of an African American Community in Montgomery County for more than 100 years, and serves as an example of how free African American communities in Maryland and across the country came together and sustained themselves after the Civil War. These funds will be used to renovate and stabilize deteriorated buildings on the site so that they can be safe to reopen to the public for tours and meetings and allow the Pleasant View Historical Association to expand existing educational partnerships with Montgomery County Schools and the University of Shady Grove.
Project Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Amount Included: $943,000

Project Name: Preservation and Repair of Historic George Washington House
Applicant: Anacostia Watershed Society
Description: Built in 1752, the George Washington House is a Georgian vernacular-style building considered a prize historic structure for the state. It is one of a constellation of historic buildings and monuments marking Bladensburg’s history as a colonial seaport and War of 1812 battle site. Over centuries, the house has served as an inn, tavern, store, headquarters for an invading army, home to America’s first balloonist, and a birthplace of the populist labor movement. It is currently used as the Anacostia Watershed Society’s headquarters. Federal funding will refurbish the house and upgrade the electrical system to accommodate 21st century office and laboratory equipment. While serving as a working space for the Anacostia Watershed Society, the house will remain available for public tours.
Project Location: Bladensburg, MD
Amount Included: $250,000

Project Name: Sandy Spring Museum Folklife Hub
Applicant: Sandy Spring Museum
Description of Proposal: The Sandy Spring Museum’s Regional Folklife Center provides space for rehearsals, performances, classes, and meetings, as well as technical assistance and networking opportunities to support local artists. Federal funds will be used to expand Sandy Spring Museum’s physical location to include a 1,200 square foot Folklife Hub. Upon completion, the space will serve as a performance space for country folk artists who are immigrants, people of color, and members of underserved communities. The unique resources of the Folklife Hub will keep traditions of country folk music alive for many communities and provide a home for services that are currently being offered virtually.
Project Location: Sandy Spring, MD
Amount Included: $500,000


Project Name: College Park Community Preservation and Housing Trust
Applicant: College Park City-University Partnership
Description of Proposal: The College Park City-University Partnership is establishing a Housing Trust program to provide affordable workforce housing and to stabilize targeted College Park neighborhoods. Today, only 6 percent of UMD faculty and staff live in College Park; many of the neighborhoods nearest the University have expensive rental properties and many potential home buyers can't access homeownership, especially in neighborhoods where home prices have soared astronomically. Federal funds will be used to purchase homes and place them into a Shared Equity Homeownership Program to support owner-occupied homeownership.
Project Location: College Park, MD
Amount Included: $2,500,000

Project Name: Low Income Housing Electrification and Indoor Air Quality Improvements
Applicant: Montgomery County Maryland
Description: Funds will be used to support the Low to Moderate Income Housing Electrification pilot program, which will replace fossil-fuel fired appliances and HVAC with more cost-effective, energy-efficient, and comfortable technologies that will reduce costs for low to moderate income tenants and building owners.
Project Location: Montgomery County, MD
Amount Included: $1,000,000


Project Name: Cardiovascular Center for Diabetic Patients
Applicant: Fort Washington Medical Center
Description: In 2019, it was reported that 13.8% of residents in Southwest Prince George’s County live with diabetes and there are not adequate health services in the area to support patients. This is not only a health issue but also is a racial disparity issue as more residents have diabetes than white residents. Federal funds will support the Cardiovascular Center for Diabetic Patients, which will provide cardiologists and vascular surgeons to screen, assess, and treat diabetic patients with cardiovascular issues, helping them manage the disease and reducing the risk of medical events.
Project Location: Prince George's County, MD
Amount Included: $1,000,000

Project Name: Culturally Competent Multidisciplinary Care Center
Applicant: Jewish Foundation for Group Homes
Description: People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) have long experienced disproportionately higher rates of treatable health disparities. Research shows that about 40% of adults with IDD live with four or more comorbidities, resulting from a lack of health and wellness resources and accessible, culturally competent primary and specialty care. Additionally, medical school and health science education does not always adequately prepare providers to address the unique needs of individuals with IDD. The Jewish Foundation for Group Homes plans to develop a fully accessible, culturally competent, multidisciplinary/multi-system of care and integrated physical, dental, and behavioral/mental health in a primary care setting that is designed with and for people with IDD. This Montgomery County-based, groundbreaking clinic, will be modeled after similar successful models in other parts of the country, while being customized to the resources, needs and dynamics of the DMV community. Federal funds would be used to procure the necessary medical equipment to build out the clinic.
Project Location: Rockville, MD
Amount Included: $750,000

Project Name: Easterseals Behavioral Health Clinic in Prince George’s County
Applicant: Easterseals Serving DC, MD, VA Inc.
Description: Easterseals operates the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic in Silver Spring, treating more than 700 clients with PTSD, depression, or anxiety a year, using a variety of funding sources to ensure that they never turn away an at-risk military-connected family. They plan to use federal funds to expand their services with a new Behavioral Health Clinic adjacent to the University of Maryland Health Center in Largo. The new Prince George’s County clinic will initially focus on services for children and seniors, including comprehensive case management, individual, group, and family therapy, and other supportive services. In addition to in-person care, the clinic will provide telehealth services and its therapists will travel to Easterseals’ existing Medical Adult Day Centers and Head Start programs on a regular basis.
Project Location: Largo, MD
Amount Included: $900,000

Project Name: Encuentros: Scaling a Community-Based Model of Emotional Healing
Applicant: Identity of Maryland, Inc.
Description: The Encuentros: Scaling a Community-Based Model of Emotional Healing project was designed with, for, and by Montgomery County’s Latino community to provide mental health support groups facilitated by trusted Community Mental Health Workers. The program, provided at no cost, helps community members manage mental and behavioral health and deal with stress, anxiety, grief, and other emotional challenges. Federal funds will expand the Encuentros program by training new Community Mental Health Workers to facilitate additional groups, updating training and evaluation materials, and integrating Encuentros program data into Identity’s broader client data management to ensure comprehensive care.
Project Location: Rockville, MD
Amount Included: $121,000

Project Name: Greater Baden Medical Services Capitol Heights Expansion
Applicant: Greater Baden Medical Services
Description: Funding for this project would support the construction of a patient-friendly, state-of-the-art outpatient medical facility in the historically medically underserved community of Capitol Heights, Maryland.
Project Location: Brandywine, MD
Amount Included: $3,000,000

Project Name: Relocation and Expansion of Chinese Culture and Community Service Center (CCACC) Health Center
Applicant: Chinese Culture and Community Service Center, Inc.
Description: Established in 1982, the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center, Inc., (CCACC) is a grass-root nonprofit organization in Gaithersburg, Maryland that established a health center to provide free or low-cost primary care, mental health, and rehabilitation services to community members with language and cultural barriers. Among the 10 Montgomery Cares clinics, the CCACC Health Center is the only one targeted to serve Asian American populations. The clinic currently provides services in a 1300 square foot space with three exam rooms, one pharmacy, and a lab space. Federal funds will support relocation to a new 10,000 square foot building and buildout of clinical space for primary care, a rehabilitation clinic, a mental health and health education center, radiology, and a dental clinic.
Project Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Amount Included: $1,000,000

Project Name: Roberta’s House Regional Expansion for Grief and Trauma Services
Applicant: Roberta's House, Inc.
Description: Roberta's House has been meeting a need for trauma-informed, culturally-responsive grief support in the greater Baltimore area and in Prince George’s County for 15 years, addressing community violence and crime, parental incarceration, family separation and deportation, entry into the foster care system, and poverty. Currently, their Prince George’s County services are operated through a satellite location in an office complex that lacks visibility and capacity. Federal funds will be used to establish a new, more accessible location that can accommodate peer support programs and new mental health counseling services and double the average number of individuals served.
Project Location: Prince George’s County, MD
Amount Included: $1,000,000

Project Name: Transforming Prince George’s County Through Trauma-Informed Care
Applicant: Adoptions Together
Description: Transforming Prince George’s County through Trauma-informed Care provided community-wide intervention that brings increased awareness of trauma and its impact on the children and families of Prince George’s County. Funding for this project will be used to expand the depth and breadth of their trauma-informed training for organizations that work with children and families in Prince George's County.
Project Location: Calverton, MD
Amount Included: $750,639

Project Name: White Flint Institute for Computational Life Science
Applicant: Montgomery County, Maryland
Description: Maryland, and Montgomery County, are home to a number of federal life science related agencies, and Montgomery County is at the core of the fourth largest private-sector, life-science cluster in the country. The White Flint Institute for Computational Life Science is a planned partnership among Montgomery County, the University of Maryland College Park, the University of Maryland Baltimore, and the State of Maryland to accelerate discoveries and advances in life sciences, biomanufacturing, and medicine. This funding will support the acquisition of computational equipment to explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and Virtual Reality can help to identify meaningful patterns hidden in the enormous data sets being obtained through life science research that can be translated into new innovations.
Project Location: Montgomery County, MD
Amount Included: $3,000,000


Project Name: Hoops for Peace Community Violence Intervention
Applicant: Community Kinship Coalition, Inc.
Description: For over three decades, Community Kinship Coalition, Inc.'s (CKC) Annual Hoops for Peace Anti-Violence Youth Summit and Three on Three Basketball Tournament has provided advocacy, mentoring, and resources to over 4,500 youth participants. CKC partners with local universities, school systems, government agencies, and local organizations to provide peer mediation, mentoring, and tutoring in afterschool enrichment programs for students in Prince George’s County. Federal funds will support a Community Violence Intervention League to grow the basketball tournament and build non-violence campaigns in schools and communities.
Project Location: Largo, MD
Amount Included: $150,000

Project Name: Prince George's County Office of the State's Attorney Digital Discovery Capability
Applicant: Office of the State's Attorney, Prince George's County
Description: Funds will be used to streamline and organize the State’s Attorney’s Office case management system, enhancing the ability to process evidence. The new system will integrate data and digital evidence held by county and municipal law enforcement agencies and make it more accessible throughout the discovery process of trial preparation.
Project Location: Upper Marlboro, MD
Amount Included: $500,000

Project Name: Prince George's Emergency Operations Center Upgrades
Applicant: Prince George's County
Description: The current content management system processor – hardware that supports emergency operations – at the Prince George’s County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has reached its technology end of life and must be updated. Federal funds will be used for upgrades to the content management system and replacements of several computers to support current security standards, conferencing, virtual operations, and contemporary graphics needs during EOC activations.
Project Location: Largo, MD
Amount Included: $593,160