March 02, 2017

Van Hollen Calls for Sessions to Resign

Today U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen issued the following statement calling on Attorney General Sessions to resign:

"The Attorney General holds a special position as top law enforcement officer in our country. Anyone serving in that position must have the confidence of the American people to be an honest and independent broker who protects the fundamentals of our democracy. In failing to tell the truth - under oath - about his conversations with Russia at a time when so many questions surround Moscow's effort to influence our elections and the nature of their relationship to individuals in the Trump Administration, it is clear that Attorney General Sessions is no longer able to meet that standard and must resign.

"Additionally, Mr. Sessions should immediately be called to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee under oath so we can determine exactly how many conversations took place, when they happened, and what was discussed. This public accounting is essential to restoring the integrity of the Judiciary Committee processin the light of the Attorney General's misleading statements.

"We must act decisively to ensure that the American people have full faith and confidence in the institutions of our democracy that are charged with protecting their rights."