February 03, 2021

Van Hollen Announces New Assignment to Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Today, U.S. Senator Van Hollen released the following statement regarding his Committee Assignments for the 117th Congress:

“The COVID-19 pandemic — like climate change — has clearly shown that our nation is not an island. What happens in other parts of the world has a direct impact on our well-being here at home. Following four years of isolation and division, now more than ever, we must work to strengthen our democracy at home and rebuild our alliances abroad. I’m proud to join the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to work on these crucial efforts. Under the previous Administration, we retreated from our leadership role in promoting democracy, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law. The former president too often cozied up to authoritarian leaders and abandoned our democratic partners. We must do the opposite — working with our allies to hold our adversaries accountable. Already, President Biden has worked to restore American leadership and has rejoined the Paris Climate Accords and re-engaged with the World Health Organization. I look forward to working on the Foreign Relations Committee to advance Americans’ values and interests around the world. In doing so, we make us stronger here at home. 

“I’m also proud to continue serving on the Appropriations, Budget, and Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committees. Succeeding Senator Mikulski on the Appropriations Committee was a tough assignment, but over the last four years on the Committee, I’ve fought to secure crucial funding for Maryland and to support important projects and initiatives across our state — including protecting the Chesapeake Bay, supporting Maryland’s transportation priorities, preserving the possibility of a Maryland-based FBI headquarters, and investing in our many military installations and federal agencies. On the Banking Committee, I have and will continue to fight for a more fair and equitable financial system that puts Main Street before Wall Street and increased access to affordable housing. Lastly, I will keep working on the Budget Committee to bring economic justice issues to the forefront, create an economy that works for all Americans, and provide the support our businesses and workers need to build back better from COVID-19.”