June 29, 2017

New CBO Report: Senate Republican Plan Would Cut Medicaid by More Than A Third Over Next 20 Years

Today U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen released additional information from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) showing that -- over time -- the Senate Republican Medicaid cuts are much deeper than originally believed. CBO has already detailed the dramatic impacts of the Senate Republican cuts to Medicaid over the next 10 years - 26 percent or $772 billion in cuts and 15 million fewer people with access to care through Medicaid. This CBO analysis, requested by Senator Van Hollen, shows that over the next 20 years, the Senate bill cuts Medicaid by 35 percent. The full analysis can be found here.

"This CBO analysis shows that, when it comes to Medicaid cuts, the Senate bill is even meaner than it looks -- and the more time goes by, the meaner it gets. The Senate bill is deceptively structured to try to hide this effect in the traditional CBO analysis, but today's CBO assessment shows how these cuts will become even more devastating over time," said Senator Van Hollen. "Seniors in nursing home, millions of children, people with disabilities, and struggling working families will suffer terrible harm in order to give tax cuts to the rich. That is simply immoral. Any Republican Senators who were already concerned about the magnitude of the Medicaid cuts should read this CBO analysis and firmly reject any bill that goes in this direction."

In Maryland, 1.3 million people rely on Medicaid - including over 300,000 through the Medicaid expansion in the Affordable Care Act. Medicaid in Maryland covers three out of every five nursing home residents, one out of every four children, and two out of every five people with disabilities. The Senate Republican plan would decimate coverage for people in our state and across the country.