Constituent Stories

My state offices are on the front lines of helping our constituents—with everything from assisting with Social Security to veterans care to Medicare coverage. No constituent matter is too big or too small for us to try to resolve. We can't guarantee success in every case, but we can assure you that we will do everything possible to help. Below are a few stories from Marylanders who have utilized our services. If you need help navigating an issue with a federal agency, please don’t hesitate to reach out:

"We can't thank you enough for everything that you have done to help get this behind us successfully. Your efforts were all very much appreciated and truly helpful. And please thank Senator Van Hollen for his continued concern for disabled children and adults, as well as for having people like you on his staff who work every day to help constituents like us (and who make him look good!). It really felt great knowing that you, on behalf of Senator Van Hollen, were watching out for us on this and cared enough to try and help."

— A. Striegel, Bethesda

We are very happy, obviously. Thank you for EVERYTHING you did to help us with our mother's VA survivor's pension. I'm not sure we'd be here yet if it weren't for you and all your assistance. Our family is grateful for your persistence and caring. It's been a long, tedious road.

— C.M., Poolesville

Please express my gratitude to Senator Van Hollen for his efforts regarding the withholding of my disability pay by the VA. The day after the date of the letter to you I received a letter from the VA approving the retroactive payment in full of my disability pay. Had it not been for your efforts, I would be still waiting for a VA response after 23 months!

— T.S., North Potomac

I am extremely grateful to you and your incredible staff for helping me recently with the Internal Revenue Service 'roadblock' that I hit. After emailing your office, I was contacted almost immediately. Thank you so much for helping me clear this up and in such an expeditious manner.

— B.D., Walkersville

Thanks to your intervention, the filing error with the IRS was received, acted upon, and corrected. Relieving this financial and administrative burden from our non-profit is meaningful and significant. Please pass my appreciation to Senator Van Hollen for caring about his constituents and being a role model for his staff to serve the community with efficiency, effectiveness, and alacrity.

— G.E., Chevy Chase

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