Jobs, the Economy, and Tax Reform

Too many people in Maryland and across the country are working harder than ever but feel like they’re stuck in place or falling behind. They are being squeezed between flat paychecks and rising costs. Senator Van Hollen has championed policies to tackle this economic squeeze from both ends – by growing the economy in a way that creates more shared prosperity and by reducing the costs of necessities like prescription drugs.

An economy that works for everyone begins with good-paying jobs. Senator Van Hollen strongly opposed the Trump tax plan that gives windfall breaks to the very wealthy and big corporations and asks working families, seniors, and future generations to pay the price. Instead, he is fighting for an economy that rewards hard work with bigger paychecks, and he’s put forward a plan to make that a reality by reforming the tax code to benefit those who make money off of hard work instead of those who make money off of money. The first bill he introduced as a Senator was the CEO-Employee Paycheck Fairness Act, which would prevent corporations from continuing to get tax deductions for the bonuses they give to their CEOs unless they are giving rank-and-file employees a raise, too.

Senator Van Hollen is also fighting to close loopholes that encourage multinational corporations to ship American jobs overseas. He believes we must support businesses that generate good-paying jobs here at home and invest in modernizing our infrastructure – from roads and transit to broadband and the electric grid – that will help us compete in the 21st century while generating good-paying jobs. He is also working to increase the minimum wage, ensure equal pay for equal work, and strengthen the bargaining power of unions so more workers can benefit from the fruit of their labor.

As we boost jobs and wages, we should also reduce the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs, child care, and other essential goods and services. Senator Van Hollen has proposed legislation to address these rising costs, including giving the Medicare program the right to negotiate the price of prescription drugs and making it more difficult for corporations to gain the monopoly power that allows them to increase prices with impunity.

In order to make sure that government works for the people and not special interests, Senator Van Hollen has been a champion of campaign finance reform, including writing and introducing the DISCLOSE Act so that outside groups who are trying to influence elections have to disclose their donors.