Immigration Reform

America is a nation of immigrants, from our founding to today. Enabling immigrants to become a strong and vital part of our country is not just consistent with our values, but is a proven path to strengthening our economic future. Communities are strengthened every day by the contributions of immigrants across Maryland.

Fixing our immigration system is critical. Economists from across the political spectrum have shown that a healthy legal immigration system helps grow our economy and will strengthen the Social Security trust fund. The immediate issue is protecting Dreamers and Temporary Protective Status recipients. These people came to our country as young children or under extreme duress. When they came out of the shadows, our government promised to protect them – we must keep that promise, and Senator Van Hollen has introduced legislation to do just that. He is fighting every day to resolve this crisis, which is tearing innocent families apart.

Senator Van Hollen also supports legislation along the lines of the comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed the Senate in 2013 with an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote. That legislation invested in strengthening our border security and established a mechanism that allowed individuals to earn legal status, and eventually citizenship, if they met a series of requirements and played by the rules.