Protecting the environment is not just about the future of our planet—it’s also about creating jobs, supporting a healthy economy, and providing a good quality of life for Marylanders and Americans across the country. Senator Van Hollen is a leader in the effort to clean up Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, address climate change, and protect our air, land, and water resources for our children and future generations.


The Chesapeake Bay is not only a natural treasure, it is vital to Maryland’s tourism and boating industries, as well as the watermen and others whose livelihoods depends on the bounty of a healthy Bay. As a member of the Senate Appropriations and Environment and Public Works committees, Senator Van Hollen is working to ensure that the Chesapeake Bay Program and other environmental clean-up programs get the funding they need to keep the Bay on the path to restoration.


Senator Van Hollen also has proposed an innovative “cap and dividend” approach to tackle climate change because it is a simple, fair, and effective way to address the dangers of climate change. His plan, the Healthy Climate and Family Security Act, would put more money in the pockets of hardworking Americans, boosting their spending power and our entire economy.