Education and Job Training

There’s nothing more essential for our future success – as individuals, as families, and as a nation – than investing in a quality education for every child, no matter their zip code. That’s the foundation of ensuring more and better economic opportunities, and it’s why Senator Van Hollen fights to expand educational opportunities from pre-K through affordable college and job training.

Senator Van Hollen supports strong early childhood education, including universal pre-K, and community schools that provide a well-rounded curriculum and support for children and families. He is also a strong advocate for quality afterschool programs across Maryland. Every student must be able to reach his or her full potential. Senator Van Hollen is committed to providing resources for students with disabilities and has led the effort to get the federal government to meet its pledge to fully fund the IDEA Act or Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Senator Van Hollen also believes that every high school graduate should have a range of affordable options to pursue their ambitions and careers. He supports debt-free college, with Pell grants, affordable student loans, and more flexible educational opportunities, like community college, early college high school, and year-round Pell grants, which help students achieve their degrees more quickly. Senator Van Hollen also knows that a college degree isn’t the only pathway to success and remains committed to increasing our focus on industry certifications, apprenticeship opportunities, and lifelong learning and retraining in order to create more opportunities for good-paying jobs for Marylanders.